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Hello I work with SideQuest and I wanted to ask if you were considering a Oculus Quest port for your game at all, It looks quite fun and having it on SideQuest would be astounding.  We would love to see Drive Through Explosions reach more people so If you consider an Oculus Quest port possibility we would love to have you on us, Our aim is to help host and distribute games as easily as possible for any developer, If you want to sell your game you can even link the listing you might set up on SideQuest directly to for easy purchase set up. Listing on SideQuest is also completely free. If you're interested or already working on a Quest game of any kind there's more information on how one can submit an application or game to SideQuest here: and for an example of a listing currently on us using Itch integration you can see here:

In any case best wishes and we hope for the brightest of futures for you.


I'd like to see this one on the Oculus Quest!

i love it! would be cool if you could actually hold a gun tho

One I will repeatedly play and showcase.

This is a hidden gem for vr.It was such a cool and amzing experience in vr.Motion controls and comfort all smooth.Hope you get it onj steam and oculus.

this game is super fun. I love the feeling you get doing flips off the mountains. Are you continuing work on this game?

With enough interest it's definitely on the table to develop it further. 

Can this be played without a vr system?

Unfortunately, no. The controls require the positional tracking motion controllers of an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift (with Oculus Touch)

Ah bummer, looks awesome though! It's always nice to see people developing for vr! It'll be awesome when (maybe if) a headset is as common as having a controller.

It's a shame this can't be played without a VR headset, it looks damn cool and I so wan't to play it.